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Welcome to CCPS eLearning. To begin, please login using your CCPS OneNet ID. If you don't know your CCPS OneNet ID, please see below. Your eLearning password will ALWAYS match your Novell Network password. So if you change your Novell password, it will also change your eLearning password. Knowing your CCPS OneNet ID: Your CCPS OneNet ID is comprised of your Novell Login that you use at school plus the full context (structure) of your accounts location. As an example, users at RHS have a full context of .rhs.ccps while users at Lakeview Middle have a full context of .lms.ccps. Contexts are provided below:

School LocationContext to be used for OneNet ID
Battlefield Elementarybat.ccps
Battlefield Primarybps.ccps
Boynton Elementaryboy.ccps
Cloud Springs Elementarycse.ccps
Graysville Elementaryges.ccps
Heritage Highhhs.ccps
Heritage Middlehms.ccps
Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe Highlfo.ccps
Lakeview Middlelms.ccps
Ringgold Elementaryres.ccps
Ringgold Highrhs.ccps
Ringgold Middlerms.ccps
Ringgold Primaryrps.ccps
Tiger Creek Elementarytce.ccps
West Side Elementarywse.ccps
Woodstation Elementarywes.ccps

Examples: The user bsmith at LMS would login as: bsmith.lms.ccps The user jdoe at RHS would login as: jdoe.rhs.ccps The user tuser at LFO would login as: tuser.lfo.ccps